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bluVenture Group offers a full array of commercial & residential contracting services and construction management. By fostering relationships with architects & clients, we lay the foundation for high quality craftsmanship and tightly managed workflows that our demanding customers have come to expect. Our strategic approach to project execution allows us to offer a client experience second to none. From blueprints to finals, our professionals will guide you through the entire experience to arrive at your vision, fully realized and exceeding your expectations.

We’re proud of our largely referral based clientele; there’s truly no bigger compliment. Our goal is unparalleled client satisfaction and a portfolio of impressive properties that represent the goals and ambitions of our growing and loyal clientele base.


bluVenture Group offers residential new construction & renovations. Bringing your dream home to life requires a fully managed solution. Our residential contracting service provides our clients with the ability to enjoy the construction process, headache free, as it should be. Building your dream home should be an exciting time, not a nightmare of hangups that plague so many projects.

Our process leans on our expertise in construction management to ensure that deadlines are meet, the quality of work is impeccable and that the final product is something we can both be proud of. Stamping the bluVenture Group name on a portfolio piece is something we take great pride in, and we relish being able to enjoy another great client relationship.

Each project we undertake is a collaboration between the home owner and the builder. The relationship starts at the initial consultation and lasts long after the paint has dried. The desire for distinction and comfort separates South Florida’s homeowners from most. bluVenture Group is positioned as a top residential builder for new construction projects as well as major improvements and remodels. We handle all facets of the project from start to finish.


As commercial contractors, the delivery of high caliber commercial services hinges on using our past experiences delivering successful projects. Our meticulous attention to detail during the planning and design phase creates a value to our clients, setting us apart from our competitors. From project inception to occupancy, timely and accurate cost estimates keep our projects moving forward smoothly and without delay.

By tailoring our approach for each client, we offer a seamless commencement and ground breaking, and follow through with solid project and construction management. Our skill set and experience provide the necessary platform to bring your commercial vision to life. For our commercial clients, time is money, and we strive to bring our projects to close within deadlines and budgets. Our understanding of logistics and project coordination allows us to address potential pitfalls and field concerns before they become a hindrance to a project. This foresight has become a pillar in our reputation as an industry leading commercial developer.


Renovation projects vary greatly from new construction projects, and must be approached with a certain level of finesse. By maintaining minimal impact to your daily lifestyle, our team exerts their ability to transform your home by streamlining the project and taking great care to strive for invisibility.

We specialize in the unique ability to preserve desired elements in existing structure, while being able to completely transform from what was previously there. A successful renovation begins with thorough planning and consideration for not only the project goals, but for the existing structure and quality of life. Our team excels at bringing your blueprints to life and exceeding your expectations.

Stairways and Millwork Division

Our clients have a vision of how they want their home to be presented. It is important for us to give them exactly that by building them something no one else has.  Whether it be a mantel, office desk, stairway, or something completely abstract; we strive to provide something completely exclusive.

Our custom projects can be constructed out of any material you would like and it is built on and off site so our clients will be able to see the attention to detail to each piece.

After all, your home is about making memories and it should encompass all aspects of you!

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